Monday, November 17, 2014

Zone Conference

       So this week was actually super super good. We taught plenty, but a couple of investigators had some accidents and couldn't come to church. We did have A. come though! She is super great and hilarious. She absolutely loves church, and already gave up coffee. I got to play piano for the primary today and that is always fun for me. We also had our zone conference one Wednesday where our president was trying to roast all of the missionaries who baptize people just for the numbers' sake and not actually taking care of the people. (See Ezekiel 34:1-10) The cool part of the conference was that 6 of the Elders from Canada stayed at our place. Yeah, 12 elders in 2 houses right next to each other is definitely not a good idea, but it was fun. I have no clue as to how we got to bed on time, but we managed to do it. I gave my bed to another Elder who has a hard time sleeping.  Sadly, I don't sleep well on the floor either.  I ended up getting up early and making breakfast for everyone. I made tapioca saborosa which is a crepe-like dish. 
        We also met this guy who is studying law to be a judge.  He has studied a lot of different religions and he was curious about ours. He was very interested in the Book of Mormon and says he wants to read it.  We set up an appointment for this week and I'm pretty stoked. One of his best friends lives in the states and his first name is Colvin! Weird, huh? I hope that everything goes well when we're gonna teach him. 
        On Saturday we had this huge CHURRASCO  (barbecue),  at the stake presidents house with all of the missionaries and we all ate a ton!!! We started our fast right after (we are fasting for rain in drought ridden Sao Paulo) and I have no clue what happened to me. I decided to fast and I was going to do it for the full 24 hours, but I was not up for it because I started feeling sick. Still, I did it anyways, and then for some reason I could not manage to actually 'break' my fast. I tried to eat, but I couldn't because my stomach hurt so much. Ironically, lunch was so bad today that another Elder actually threw up the lunch after a couple of bites.  I didn't end up eating lunch, and I tried eating when we got back to the house, but I just didn't feel like eating at all. It was super weird. I almost threw up, but there was nothing to throw up. I couldn't sleep very well. Elder Rodgers had some peptobismol that I took and I managed to eat a little bit of bread and drank some water. Seriously, this fast broke me. 
        But, this week should be a good week and I just hope that I'm feeling better by tomorrow. I forgot to take pictures of my journal this week, but that's all of the major stuff that happened this week.  We had a Joseph Smith; Prophet of the Restoration film as a ward activity and 6 of our investigators showed up. They all liked it and thought that it was interesting. They didn't end up coming to church, but they will once their relative that they visit every Sunday gets out of prison. Really, this week was just a whole lot of ups, with just this big down at the end with me getting sick, but I'm pretty happy with it. I hope that this week goes even better. I love you all and hope you guys have a ton of cool experiences this week. Tchau!

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