Monday, November 25, 2013


 Holy cow it is hot here! 

(Commentary here from the missionary mom, I don’t ever remember using the phrase “Holy Cow” in my kid’s younger years….where did they BOTH get that phrase from?)
 Holy cow it is hot here!
It's definitely the worst right around 2 in the afternoon, because we're walking, and walking, and walking with NO ONE in the streets! Seriously! Everyone is sleeping at that time, but we're out melting like popsicles! We haven't had too much success as far as baptisms go, but we have seriously worked like crazy this past week! I really know what people say when they say that numbers don't matter. It's seeing a change come about in people’s lives that really makes the difference. It's helping them and watching them grow in their faith that is really the best feeling in the world! It's hard work, but it's definitely worth it.

So one of the things that my companion said to me this past week was something that kind of opened my eyes. He was talking about how we see other people who have been 'saved' from drugs, alcohol, etc. in other churches.  He explained that the devil is super crafty, seriously, the devil is one of the smartest guys around. My companion explained that the devil will encourage us to settle for something that may be good in order to keep us from finding and doing what is best. We must always remember our worth in the sight of God, and ALWAYS remember to make the BEST choice. This life is a series of making good, better, and best choices. Always choose the BEST.

Anyways, I have to go, Tchau!!

PS. I am having a craving for pizza. Good old American pizza. The pizza here sucks. A lot. I'd seriously go crazy if you could find some way to send some pizza to me! Haha!

PPS Sorry my letter is so short this week.  I will get to talk to you in a few short days.  (Thanksgiving call was approved for Elder Colvin since his family will be out of the country for Christmas.)

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