Get to Know Me

My sister Taylor and I were called to serve on February 15th, 2013. I was assigned to labor in Fortaleza and she was called to Rio de Janeiro, and we are both reporting to the Brazil Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, July 10th!

Our mission call opening video has nearly 20,000 views, which is just CRAZY to me! We feel incredibly blessed by this unique opportunity to prepare and learn together. Garrison is essentially my first companion, and it's THE BEST. 

My family is totally awesome! I have three older sisters, two younger brothers, and a new brother-in-law. We live by my Dad's motto "work to play", and we all love to play!

 Our family loves animals! We have 3 horses, 2 cats, and 2 miniature dachsunds. Our furry little friends are basically family in our home!

I've been homeschooled by my wonderful mother for all my life, and attended Running Start at a community college my junior and senior years. I graduated with an AST in pre-biomedical engineering and I am planning on attending the University of Utah when I return from my mission.

I love to do just about everything! Some of my favorite hobbies are viola, piano, canyoneering, waterskiing, and taekwondo.

 I am excited to do my best as a missionary in the Brazil Fortaleza mission. I hope that I am able to serve the the best of my capabilities and to help people become closer to our Savior; Jesus Christ. 

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