Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eu estou aqui!!!!

Imagine a white shirt...and it's me after 24 hours of traveling!
OOOOOOOPPPPPAAAAAAA!!!!!! Eu estou aqui!!!! 

This is so cool! I am about to get my companion, but they wanted us to send an email home first. This is waaaaaaay more organized than in the Missouri Independence Mission, but who´s comparing? I have written a very detailed letter of how my trip went (basically describing everything play by play since I wrote it as the day went on), so I will leave out all of that good stuff. It sufficeth me at this time to say that AIRPLANES SUCK! I don`t ever want to see another airplane... until after 2 years! I hate long flights like that because I can never fall asleep on a plane. Anyways, I am safe and sound and awaiting further instructions from my mission president, who seems awesome! Tchau tchau!

Elder Colvin

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