Monday, November 11, 2013

Bucket Brigade

So do you all remember the analogy that I used last time about the bird? Well this week I found a solution for that. Run faster than the bird! Nossa! We had a super busy week this week, with hardly any time to rest. Still, the busier we are, the less problems bother us. We've been working hard, with little results, but if you remember ' by small and simple things are great things brought to pass'. Seriously, all of the little victories, like an investigator keeping a commitment, or finding someone that MIGHT be interested, are what keep me going. Right now we are working with a lot of people, but at the same time we are stopping our work with some of the people who aren't committed to working with us. If someone is not committed to something, not only is it a waste of our time, it's a waste of their time as well. The only way that something can progress or become better, is through change, and if someone is not willing to change, we can't force them. Change is essential to our work as a missionaries, and this is what we've been trying to help people do: change for the better.

My first Zone
My first district.
One thing that I really like about what we do as missionaries, is exactly that: change. Let me explain. As missionaries, our purpose is to help others to come unto Christ by helping to receive the restored gospel. This will be a change in the lives of people, but it should be only that. We aren't here to destroy beliefs, we're not here to tell people that they're wrong. We are here to point people in the right direction. We are guides for the path that leads back to God. Just like a guide, we can only tell you information and show you the way. It's all up to the person whether or not the choose to follow. Whether or not they will make that change in their lives. Watching some of these people take the first steps (the first little changes in their lives) is something that is really exciting. It's kind of funny because it's frustrating at the same time. I know it's the right thing to do, I know that you should do this for your happiness, so why don't you just do it! Haha it's all about that person willingly making that change and as much as we want someone to change, it's completely up to them if they want to change or not.

Anyways, our best investigator right now is definitely P. She was using drugs and alcohol to the point that the doctors said that she was going to die by December if she didn't find some other way to live. she decided that she would have God in her life and decided to start reading the Bible for the first time. She is super awesome, and we met here about 18 days after she quit using drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. As of today, she has 1 month without anything! She justt quit cold turkey! I think that that's something that really shows her dedication to find something better in her life. She still hasn't come to church, but she loves the missionaries and is searching for God super diligently in her life. She is by far the most involved person that we're teaching. During our lessons she asks questions, listens and understands our explanations. (Which is really saying something because of my broken portuguese!) Haha it's definitely worth the time that you put in as missionaries when you can see the difference that God brings into peoples lives.

Sometimes its not a big difference. Sometimes all we have to do is point the way out to people and they say things like 'oh, this makes sense'. We have another investigator I. who came to church and said that he really liked our church because it seemed more like a unification rather than the division that is so apparent in other religions. I just about cried because we have been searching and searching for an investigator like him who is completely ready and willing to learn.

Anyways, one of the funny stories of the week, we had NO water in the chapel this weekend. Seriously, the water had been shut off to the church and we had 2 baptisms that day! One in Mucuripe and the other in Nova Aldeota. Both of them were old investigators of the other elders when they had been working in the area, but we were able to help them make that first step of baptism. However, that is really really hard when you don't have any WATER. So we found out that there was one tap on the outside of the building that was working. Let's just say that I´m really glad that we had four elders there. (and prior training hauling water buckets at horse camps)  We spent our Saturday and the afternoon of Sunday filling the font with BUCKETS. Not to mention that the font was leaking a little bit (this is why we had to keep filling the font on Sunday). Anyways, I was definitely a little bit tired, but it was definitely worth it when we were able to see them get baptized. I'm glad that I'm staying in this area for at least another transfer so that I can help them continue doing the right things. Sorry I don't have pictures of all of our baptism, but my camera kind of ran out of battery right before the baptism. 
This week is transfer week.  Elder C. (my good friend) is leaving the house to become a district leader.  We have another brazilian coming into the house. I am staying with my companion for another 6 weeks!
Anyways, that's it for this week. Everyone stay safe, and always know that God is with you if you so choose! 

~Elder Colvin

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