Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Companion, Same Area

New Companion, Elder Carmo.
February 9, 2015

         Elder Ferrao is going to be transferred! He is pretty dang excited, but I am going to miss him.  He helped me out a lot.  Elder Carmo is going to be my new companion.  He is already been in my zone before, but I don’t know him all that well.  I know that he is from Para, Ca state in Brasil and that is just about it.  I

         I bought this notebook because I don’t have any more space in my journal.  To tell you the truth, this was the only “non-childish”  notebook they had in the store, so I had to choose it.  Oh, so I am also getting another companionship in my district.  Elder Castillo is going to train a new missionary!  That will be interesting.

February 10, 2015

         Elder Carmo got her SUPER early, like before we had even started our studies.  I was in the shower still.  Today was cool, we taught a couple of people and we found this bright 12 year old less-active.  Their family is actually almost all members, and his Grandma said that she wants to come back to church.  Oh, N. left with us to teach, and he did a really good job!  He is still not used to id and doesn’t really know how to, but he tried hard to help to preach the gospel.  I think that N and J.V. are going to be able to help us out a lot.  We FINALLY got into a less active member’s home who lives right next to the church.  As we got to know them we felt like they were really interested in coming back to church.  We had a good visit with one of the teenagers in their house who has not been baptized.  Unfortunately, we got home a little bit late because neither Elder C. or I have a functioning watch.  I felt so bad about that, that I gave Elder Anderson some money so that he could buy me a watch in his area. (There isn't any place in my area to buy them.) I don’t really like watches because I am allergic to the metal, but I guess I have to have one to keep better track of the time.

February 11, 2015

         I am never ever going to cut my hair by myself again.  We had a buzzer that I used until it broke halfway through the haircut.  So Elder Anderson cut the rest of my hair with scissors.  I was the first person he gave a real haircut to.  Considering that fact, I guess he did a pretty good job. 

         We visited K. today and he was sleeping when we got there.  Man that kid sleeps a lot.  Anyway, he is coming along well.  He is just having a hard time making it to church.  N. came with us again today.  He really really tried to help but he got so excited about what he was trying to say, that he had a hard time actually getting the words out.  But, he has a strong desire to help share the gospel and to be a missionary. 

February 12, 2015

         We did a bunch of contacts today on this road in our area that I had NEVER seen before.  We actually found some pretty cool people.  We clapped at this one door and this little toddler screamed in fear.  It was pretty funny, but because he cried, we were able to contact his mom.  We also clapped at a nice little house and we were invited in!  This rarely happens, but this time is was a great visit with a nice woman named M.

         The second part of the day we taught with J.V. and we rushed from appointment to appointment.  We taught M. and M., the two little boys of the recently activated member.  They are starting to figure things out and they are also remembering the lessons that we are teaching them.  Their mom is determined to teach them the gospel and get them prepared for baptism.  She is doing great! 

         Then we visited with W. and B. and B. said that she wants to marry W. and be baptized.  The only problem is now W. is having a problem committing to marriage, that and they still haven’t made it to church yet.  That will be the first big hurdle to overcome since they both travel a lot on the weekends.

February 13, 2015

         It’s Friday the 13th!  That’s probably why the lunch that I made turned out so bad.  Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it definitely could have been better.  It was just spaghetti and some kind of sauce I made up with too many onions.  Today was interesting.  We dropped by a less active member’s house and her son (who is a non member)  participated in the lesson as well.  It was kind of funny because she doesn’t remember anything about the church, but her son does remember.  It actually seemed like he was the one who had been baptized.  They actually started a Bible bash between themselves and we didn’t say anything at all.  We had to end it by inviting them to come to church.

         One of he cool things that happened today was when we were teaching M. Her little brother and sisters were making it super hard to teach, but at the END of the lesson, she told us that she had received an answer from God and that she wanted to be baptized on March 7th. Wow! 

February 14, 2014

         Just about everything fell through today.  It was sad.  I really hate Carnival.  Everyone is drinking or traveling and we have to be in the house early.

February 15, 2014

         Today followed the same pattern as yesterday. However, church today went really well.  Very few members showed up to church, except our Gospel Principles class was full to the brim!  It was kind of sad and cool at the same time because our investigators were fellow-shipping each other. Of course because we had plenty of visitors today, the talks had to be on temples, garments, and the plan of salvation.  Still, everyone like church, so it was definitely a good week.

         I am pooped and definitely ready for p-day.

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