Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A GREAT way to end the transfer!

            I'm doing absolutely great!!! This past week was awesome and by far the best week that I've had for a long time!

February 2, 2015

            Well..P-day was basically just guitar, and rubix cube.  It is kind of sad that we don’t have anything better to do with our time.  Oh wait, I did do something pretty creative today!  I made weights my using ice cream containers as my cement molds.  It worked great and cost about 2 dollars.  Maybe now I can go home in decent shape, as least I am working on it. 

            Anyway, we taught N. and it turns out that he is going to be able to go on the special Youth Carnival Campout.  We are going to baptize him on Saturday so that he will have the Holy Ghost when he leaves.  It was the ward’s idea, and they are really working hard at fellowshipping him.

February 3, 2015

            This is the last week of this transfer, and man, things are really looking up!  We have people to teach, a baptism, lots of referrals, and everything is as should be (for now).  We just need a little bit more time and effort to bring things together.  I am hoping that we do not get transferred!  M. came to church and loved it.  She read the Book of Mormon and the materials that we left with her.  Sadly, it is hard to teach her during the week because there are no other men who live there and we have rules about needing a third man present in order to  teach a single woman.  We taught a TON of lessons today and I am super tired (in a good way!) N. is still super excited for his baptism and we are teaching him or really just basically studying the scriptures with him because he knows everything he needs to.

February 4, 2015

            We taught a blind lady today and that was very interesting.  She is and evangelical and she was not very interested, but one of our recent converts (of 7 months) helped us teach her and he did and awesome job!  He studies “Preach my Gospel” almost every day and he really knows how to teach, AND he is only 14 years old! He is the reason that we found N. to teach!  N. is having some struggles at home which is delaying getting his parent’s signature.  But N. is very positive that things are going to work out. 

            Our activity this week at a member’s house had 49 people present.  That is a ton for this area!  Now that we have some good fellowshipping within the ward, we are going to try to get them to invite their friends. The activity was at R.’s house.  Yesterday she told us her very sad life story.  It is really really sad.  She has a handicapped son who was injured in an accident when he was a little boy.  She was washing dishes while he was speeding around on a little plastic bike.  He crashed into a cabinet and some plates fell on his head. He started having seizures so she took him to a doctor who said that he was okay. As he grew older he had learning disabilities and then in the 5th grade he stopped progressing.  She took him to the doctors again and when the boy heard his mom tell the doctor his history, the got very angry at his mother and blamed everything on her.  “It is all your fault, you have ruined my life, you should have been watching me better!”  After that, the mom felt terrible and was not able to forgive herself, UNTIL she joined the church and then she told us of the understanding that the gospel gave to her.  I was touched by her sad life, but also by her resolve to keep working to do better.  This activity that we did was in celebration of her 40th wedding anniversary!

February 5, 2015

            We taught K. today about the law of chastity which is a very hard law for young Brazilian men to obey, especially men who do not know anything about God or the commandments.  It is almost always a very serious problem for our investigators. 

            Today N. passed his interview for baptism and everything is set for Saturday.

February 6, 2105

            Sooooo, we cleaned the font today, but the pump didn’t drain the last 6-8 inches of water from the baptism that was held one month ago.  Yeah, it was stinky pond scum.  So, we took the last of the scum out by bucket method.  As we were doing this I heard a big SPLASH! Elder F. slipped and fell in, getting totally soaked.  It took a while to finish getting the water out, but in the end it looked good. 

            We taught our family with the Mom who had foot surgery.  She is still very excited about the church and taking the lessons, but she wants to come to church on her own two feet….yeah, that is going to take a while longer.  After that family, we taught a new investigator.  He is a very nice devout Catholic and he told us that there was no way on earth that we could ever convince him to change.  I invited him to pray and ask God because He is the only one who can change us.

February 7, 2015

            Today was AWESOME!  First of all, the baptism went great.  It started late (that is just normal for Brazil), but a ton of people showed up.  Sadly, none of N. family came. Thankfully, the ward family is very loving and supportive of N. and he feels that love.  I was blessed to be able to perform the baptism – a privilege that I don’t often get.

BEFORE smiles!
AFTER even bigger smiles!!!
           The rest of the day pretty much fell through teaching wise.  In the end of the day, I had another moment of joy when I solved the rubix cube in 28.03 seconds!  Elder Anderson says that officially makes me a “speed cuber”.  I just admit that I felt way too much joy and even a little adrenaline rush when I solved it that fast.  What has my life come to?  Haha

February 8, 2015

            We had 5 people come to church today.  Well, actually 6, but one is not actually our investigator yet.  Today was just great!  We passed by one of our investigator’s house to pick her up for church.  It turned out that her little 10 year old sister got up early to go to church and had been trying to wake her older sister up to go with her, but couldn’t.  So the 10 year old came by herself.  She is REALLY sharp and pays very careful attention to the speakers.  She has already read the Book of Moron and even marked passages that she likes.  She ALSO has responded to the questions in the back of our pamphlets.   We are going to try to focus on teaching her entire family so that she can continue to progress.   Unfortunately, her family is rarely home and if they are home, they are usually sleeping.

            This week has turned out to be a great week for us and we couldn’t have ended the transfer better.                                                                            

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