Monday, October 6, 2014

Staying and moving at the same time

We moved our houses this week and I had to push the pickup truck that died.  In the process, I think that one of the other elders grabbed my bag that had my camera in it and isn't telling me where it is. Bottom line, I lost my camera and my journal and worst of all, my scriptures. I don't think that my bag was stolen, but we'll find out in the next week. I think that my bag will show up soon, I have faith, but I personally think that it was the only brasilian in our district because he's kind of crazy and I think that he would think that it would be a funny kind of joke. I'm not very happy because it's already been 3 days and I'm missing my scriptures more than anything..... It's almost a year and a half of diligent scripture study and note taking lost.... argghhh!
            Anyways, I'm staying here this transfer with Elder Yarrington. Elder Yarrington is super stressed and still trying to learn Portuguese. It's coming along, but I think that it's actually more stressful to train someone how to speak than it is to learn. It requires a LOT of patience. Like a lot. I wasn't so nice with him this weekend because I've been super stressed since losing my bag, but I think that he understands that. I think I'll ask him sorry about that (is this English?) . 
Some little annoying thing have been happening in our mission. 1) We are prohibited from practicing martial arts, AND 2) we can't watch movies anymore on p-day. I know what you are thinking mom, and the taekwondo thing has nothing to do with me.  I talked to my president this morning and he said because it makes noise and people living underneath the missionaries complain about it (not me specifically, but other elders.)  I haven't ticked off president or anything, on the contrary, I think that he actually likes me now.  So, I'm going to buy a guitar and learn how to play the guitar on p-day because that's the only thing I can do now. P-days are really boring in our mission.
 I loved conference, and I was able to learn a lot and I'm going to change a couple of things in my daily routine now.  I can understand everything in Portuguese now.  It is interesting to mark your skill in the language by how much General Conference you can understand.  I have set new goals to study the scriptures even more diligently, talk with more people that I see. I'm not talking with EVERYONE, but that's what I'm going to start having to do.
So this week we lost a lot of working time. It was actually pretty fun, but as far as actually working it was a total bummer. We ended up doing almost all of our weeks work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because on Thursday we spent ALL day at the police department. Well, Elder Yarrington and Elder Percival did. They were finishing up the VISA process and Elder Benitez and I got to stay in the mission office all day. We talked with all of the missionaries leaving in the next couple of days and it was SUUUUUUUPPPPPPPEEEEER trunky! haha The other elders found two Nigerians who were fleeing the country and passed their referral onto the other missionaries. Pretty cool! Then we used Friday to move, General Conference was on the weekend, and that was our week. Yeah, it was pretty hard to get anything actually done. I got a letter from my recent convert Evaldo and he's going to baptize his brother and his family this week! So Cool! I love you guys, don’t worry about me, I am doing great.

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