Monday, September 29, 2014

Teaching, etc.

September 24, 2014

         I'm doing super great and I'm loving the members here. They seem to like me a lot. Man, it is really hard training a foreign language that is not your first language!  But, I am liking it a LOT!  Elder Yarrington is learning and only makes a few grammatical errors like (We likes to eat).  I am really loving him as a companion.  He is a little ADD so that makes it hard for him to pay attention especially in boring lessons.  We are focusing a lot on his concentration skills and it is already improving.  He is a lot of fun to work with and he makes the work much more enjoyable.  My favorite part of the day was when he commented on the fashion here in Brasil; “What is this, as skirt for ants?! I needs to be at least…3 times this big!”  Yeah, I busted up at the random Zoolander quote.

New companion

Old companion

The District

September 26, 2014

         Oh, I forgot to write and tell you two things.  One, I got the package that Mom sent. Thanks for all the goodies! Two, Elder Y. has a universal charger so I was finally able to charge my camera and take a few pictures. 

         The work this week has been good. We have had some very spiritual lessons and found some super cool people to teach.  One of the people we met this week accepted our message on the doorstep and committed to read the Book of Mormon, all because we played with his dog.  I think that this is at least the second time this has happened on my mission. It was a great lesson and we all felt the spirit strongly.  Another family that we are teaching bought a car and they themselves said that they have no excuse for not going to church.  We also taught one of their friends and she was receptive and wanted a Book of Mormon even though her boyfriend was seriously glaring us down.  We met another person today who said that they would come to church this weekend.  So we will see what happens with all of these commitments this weekend.  I hope that it works out because I still worked today despite being really sick yesterday. I was determined not to be weal and make the most of the time that I have left on my mission. 

 September 28, 2014
         I am feeling better except for a bad cough.  I am still moving along.  Sadly, we did not have ANY investigators come to church.  To tell you the truth, no one in our entire district had anyone at sacrament meeting. Yeah, it sucked.  Some of the highlights of the week:

1.    I found and ice cream store where I can buy homemade ice cream for $5/5 liters of ice cream.  It is waaayyy good!  I am now probably going to get fat now.  I was losing weight, but now…sei nao.

2.    The other elders from Jatoba locked their keys in their house so they had to find some way to get in.  yeah, let’s just say that you can get in any house through the ceiling here in Brasil!  They literally took off a part of the roof to get in. I filmed it and man…it was one of the funniest things that has happened on my mission.

28 September, 2014 (continued)
We had PEC tonight, but we were locked out of the church and we don’t have keys.  Yeah, we yelled but no-one answered.  The lights were on, so I knew that they were in there. After about 30 seconds of scheming how to get their attention I came up with a brilliant plan!  The breaker is on the outside of the church so I cut the power a couple of times.  It worked! Haha, the bishop thought that was creative, so I guess that is good. I am really loving this ward!  They may we living in a poor area, but these people are rich with the Spirit.

September 29, 2014
         This p-day was pretty fun. In the morning, Elder Yarrington taught J. and I how to play the guitar.  I am hoping to be able to buy a guitar so that I can learn while Elder Y. is my companion.  The rest of the p-day was normal and we taught a TON of lessons tonight. We are preparing a man for baptism and we had a great lesson on why it is important to attend church and partake of the sacrament after baptism. Before the lesson he really didn’t understand why he should go to church, but after the lesson he got it and it made helped me to feel how important it is to fully prepared our investigators before having them make a commitment that they don’t understand.

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