Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NERD ATTACK - the perfect investigator

Little baby scorpion in our house.
12 October, 2014
         No one came to church again this week. Oh well, we worked hard, and that’s what counts.  This next week is really looking up and we should have a pretty packed week.  We finished planning early, and since it was before 9 we decided to throw a Frisbee around in our street.  Elder Rogers kept shouting in English fro our house’s window in his South Carolina accent and it was hilarious.  He was shouting things like, “Oh look out, that guy right there’s gonna rob ya’ll”, of “You bout to get whooped by a 5 year ole.” Yeah we were busting a gut. 

13 October, 2014
         P-day was awesome.  We basically got to stay at the house, drink coconuts, play guitar, email, and relax.  I learned Hallelujah and Back in Black on the guitar.  It is the perfect way to end the night after we plan, shower, and write in journals.  We will just play for 10-15 minutes and it helps us to wind down a bit.

14 October, 2014
         So we have this investigator who is super cool, but he almost never has time to come to church because he works so much and also attends school.  He has already made his way through a few pairs of missionaries.  He believes all that we teach him, but he just needs to work out his schedule so that he can come to church.  This week he told us that he thinks that he finally has it sorted out so that he can start to attend. 
         We also found a great family because I stopped to talk to a girl who was reading a Harry Potter book.  First of all, do you know how rare it is to find people who actually read anything here?  Secondly, Harry Potter????  Well we met with her family and Elder Yarrington has to use the bathroom so I had a few minutes just to chat with them and I found out that both the girl and her mom like Avatar:The Last Airbender.  Haha…and the girl has read all of the Percy Jackson books from both series.  NERD ATTACK !!!Anyways, the lesson with them went well and they accepted a Book of Mormon and actually showed the desire to read it.  They are also related to a really strong member family so they have a good feeling about the church. I am hopeful and excited to teach this family.

15 October, 2014
         Well I am pretty dang thankful for the power that prayer has. We were teaching an investigator yesterday when she started sharing her thoughts with us.  She doesn’t really have a testimony and she doesn’t really want to change.  Anyways, I decided to pray specifically about her to receive guidance on what she should do. Today she told us that God just answered her prayers and told her that she should keep pressing forward. Then we set a date for her baptism and she immediately started to obey the word of wisdom.  It is really hard for people here to obey the word of wisdom, especially coffee drinking because it is such a common thing to do here.  I am so thankful that both of our prayers were answered.
         Also today was our zone training with only 1 of the 2 districts in our zone which is kind-of strange.  President Bonini is really cutting off communication between missionaries. It is kindof sad.  Elder J. Silva (a former companion of mine) is in my zone now.  He seems to be doing well now. 

16 October, 2014
         Okay, so just a quick miracle today: we went to a member’s house because we needed another man to teach a lesson with our investigator, but he couldn’t leave with us.  Theyn we went to another member, but he couldn’t go with us either.  I was a little upset and didn’t know what to do, then we literally ran into another member who was right next to where our appointment was.  He came with us and the lesson went really well.  The girl we taught committed to being baptized on November 1st.
17 October, 2014
         Nothing happened today.  Seriously , we went to Albierta for interviews that were scheduled for 5:00. We showed up 15 minutes early just to make sure that everything was ready.  Yeah, the interviewer didn’t show up until 6:50.  We finished around 7:30 and we didn’t get back to our area until about 9:15.  It killed our day!

18 October, 2014
         I am dang tired after this week. It was super tiring.  Well, today didn’t help any, that’s for sure.  So we were going to get a ride with one of the few members who has a care to look for our investigators before sacrament meeting, but, yeah that fell through.  So we were at the church (which is outside of our area) and we had to come up with a way to get back to our area and pass by all of our investigators that said that they would come to church.  Our brilliant idea was to RUN. Yeah, we ran in our shirts and ties for probably 40 minutes total and man I am wiped out. We had 1 investigator come to church, but she is the one who is committed to baptism and it was worth it just for her. 

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