Monday, October 27, 2014

Never too tired for ICE CREAM!

If you are wondering why I never send pictures, it is because I will not have a camera for at least another 7 weeks, when my sister - who is returning home from her Brazilian mission in Rio - will send me her camera to replace the one that was stolen from me. 
26 October, 2014
         Man, I am just too tired to be writing in my journal every day…and to be honest very little different happens from day to day.  It is much easier just to note some of the interesting things that happen during the week.  We had the father of one of the families that we are teaching read about half of the Book of Mormon in 2 or 3 weeks.  He is still reluctant to pray about it, but he is still reading it.  The family hasn’t been able to read their assignments because the Dad is always reading it.  This is a really impressive family and I pray that they will pray to know the truth.
         Also we are teaching this awesome 68 year old woman who has a date to be baptized.  She cam to church this past week and loved it.  She came by herself and sat down next to a sister in the ward who happens to be the sister who always saves us at lunch time.  At first I thought that they knew each other because they got along so well. Nope, it is just like that with all the members here. Everyone loved her and included her, just like every missionary hopes their investigators will be treated. She said that she felt just like she belonged and was wanted.  This particular woman is the lady that we were impressed to stop and talk to one day. She told us that she had seen the missionaries many times before and had always wanted to talk to them, but never had the courage until we stopped her one day.  This is the type of reminder to me that I am doing the right thing.
         Weird story:  I saw a possessed dude the other day.  He was on the other side of the street and his eyes were open and staring at us, but they were completely rolled back in his head so that we could only see the whites of his eyes.  His mouth was open but he wasn’t speaking, and he was writing a bunch of stuff in the air and making signs and stuff. I have never seen a mentally ill person behave like this guy before, nor have I seen a druggy act this way. Anyway, it was both interesting and creepy and sad at the same time.
         The last story happened today and that is that we had dinner with an outstanding Brazilian family today.  In fact, I think that they are the coolest family that I have met on my entire mission.  They are a young couple with 3 little kids.  The father likes to learn to play piano (which is very rare for people to actually have in their homes here). I helped him to play and he told me that he was going to print off some Brazilian sheet music for me.  I got so excited!  That will make me really happy.  I miss music so much more than I thought that I would.  I practically live for the few minutes a day that I have to practice a little guitar.  It is such a good release of stress for me.
         Other than these few things, there has just been work, work, work!  I am really very tired every day, but I guess that is the way it is supposed to be. 
         I think that I will indulge in one of the few things still allowed on p-day…ICE CREAM!!!! I am going to go buy and eat a lot of it!

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