Thursday, May 1, 2014

Transfer to Aerolandia

Today was transfer day!!! I left Bom Jardim to work in Aerolandia and I once again get to experience the shock of going from something that I know and am familiar with, to something completely new, and strange. I know that the only thing that we can do under these circumstances is press forward in our work. I always think back on the talk that Elder Edward Dubé gave a couple conferences ago. The part that I like;

 "While I was a boy working in the fields with my mother, she taught me one of the most important lessons in life. It was late in the morning, the sun was up, and we had been hoeing for what I thought to be a very long time. I stopped to look back at what we had accomplished and said to my mother, “Look at all we have done!” Mother did not respond. Thinking that she had not heard me, I repeated what I had said a little louder. She still did not reply. Raising my voice a little higher, I repeated again. Finally, she turned to me and said, “Edward, never look back. Look ahead at what we still have to do.”

We can never stop working. If we stop working, we stop our progress. If we stop our progress, we start to regress. If we let up on the gas, we slow down. It's a fact. Sometimes we need to put a little bit more gas in our tanks, check our engines, etc, but we should be as efficient with our pit stops as possible. If not, we're going to lose in the race of life.

Enough with the analogies. Haha, I just want everyone to know that I'm doing great and that I hope that everyone is doing the same. If you're not doing great, fix it! We are in control of our lives and we can always do better!

I don't have a detailed update for this week because I accidentally left my journal in the other house. The other elders there are going to pass it along and it should get to me in a week. Fortunately, I have a ton of pictures to send! Unfortunately I still haven't taken any with my new companion, or our new (tiny) house, or my new district. I'm in Aerolandia now, which is a safe and pleasant area,  and my new companion is Elder J. Silva. We hit things off pretty well, but I'll write up a better description of him next week and send it.  I'm district leader over all of the sisters in my district (8).... It's all so new, and kindof intimidating.  I guess that all those years of growing up with older sisters will come in handy.  Haha,  it'll all work out.

We had a few interesting experiences in my last week at Bom Jardim:
Some recent converts that we taught when Elder Cetraro was on splits with me.
They were all his recent converts, so they absolutely adore him!

Our last meeting with Erivan....... I'm going to miss him!
Last district meeting!!!
Elder Wall and I matching and playing on the piano together!
I'm going to miss Bom Jardim!!!

My old district and a tv flower pot that one of our investigators made. It ended up looking pretty cool. 
I got to watch TV!!!!!!!
Last night in Bom Jardim!
 We ended up helping the other Elders in our district to fill the font by hand because the pump broke. We joined in after sacrament meeting so I went at it like a madman and was hauling these trashcans of water. Towards the end I needed the help of the other elders to get them to the font. You have to sweat to baptize here!!!

Elder Colvin

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