Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mission Conference with an Apostle

Here's probably the last time that I will see Elder Cetraro before he heads home! He was a great example to me about how to always stay upbeat. He's probably one of my greatest examples in my mission until now.
So this week was really good. We worked hard, we're super tired, and we got to have 8 people in sacrament meeting! Really the best day of the week had the worst ending. We had a day when everything just went right. Every little thing that could go right went, and the bishop's son even bought açaí for us!

Unfortunately, that's when things went wrong. I found out that both the bishop's son and my companion are both fans of conspiracy theories, especially on the side against the United States. So we had a long discussion about that when I tried my hardest not to say or do something stupid. Anyways, I made it through that just to spend 2 hours at night talking with my companion about war and communism and the sort. Anyways, it took us 2 hours to realize why we didn't agree on our standpoints. My companion thinks in theory, and I think in practice. Anyways, that has been a frustrating topic that has been coming up a lot lately.

As far as our work goes as missionaries, it's definitely starting to pick up the pace! We're going to have a baptism this week! We met our neighbor and he went to church with is two little girls and he said that he is willing to do anything to follow Jesus Christ! It is going to be super cool working with him.

This P-day was really really really good. Really good. We got to have a conference with Elder Andersen and might I say that it is really weird to hear an apostle speak português. He spoke pretty dang well for someone who doesn't have a whole lot of time to practice. I got the opportunity to bear my testimony about general conference in front of both missions and I was talking directly to Elder Andersen. Seriously, I don't think that I've ever done anything so weird. I bore testimony to an apostle about apostles and the prophet. Missionaries from my zone sang a choral piece during conference that I played piano for – Lead Kindly Light.

Anyways, after conference I took some money off of the account for the next couple transfers. We went to a barbeque place with our zone leaders! Think Tucanos but in BRASIL. I can't even remember the last time that I tasted meat so good!!!!!!!! Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves silly and now I'm feeling super tired. Definitely worth it. Conference with an apostle, I got to see a bunch of friends from the past transfers, and barbeque. What could be better?! Haha, I'm happy and tired. I think that those are the best feelings that a missionary can feel.

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