Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More studying....


We got word that there are a couple of new changes that affect me.  We can now wear khaki's, and we are NOT allowed to wear backpacks... Sooooo I guess that I'm going to need a shoulder bag or something... Anyways, thanks for the white shirt, we got to go to the temple today! We went at 6:50 in the morning!!! it was really great to be able to go before I left the MTC.  

Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you're putting in! I'm so lucky to have someone like you working so hard to help me. (referring to the extra visa work I have been doing) Nothing really that important has been going on this week at the MTC (it's all been kind of monotonous). We have class, study, language study, study, class, and studying in class. Haha, it's seriously more studying than I have ever done in my entire life! (Which is saying something since he got an associates degree in engineering at age 18).  

I'm getting along a lot better with my district and my companion. I think that it's just been really really stressful spending more than 10 hours a day in about a 12x18 ft room for weeks at a time. I'm really excited that I will be able to get out of here, even if it is not going to be Brazil, or if I'm not even going to make it there for another 4 months. I just want to actually make a difference. 

I wish I could talk more... But nothing really important has been going on... I saw Elder E the other day (Tanner) and I talked to him for a little bit. 

Sis. Colvin (That would be his sister Taylor) and I are planning on playing a duet together (possibly in front of the entire MTC) but we'll see about that. It still has some that need to come together. (Turns out that they do get to play at the outgoing missionary devotional on Sunday evening before they leave for their new reassignments.  It will be a bitter sweet moment for them to play together one last time.  They have grown very close in this past year together. Of course all of my information comes from Taylor.  Once they are separated, I will not have a clue what is happening in Garrison's world!)

Practicing our duet
Taylor is piano 1 of course!

Also, this is a rumor so it's probably wrong, but we might be having an apostle speak to us tonight! (turns out that Elder Scott spoke to them!) I really hope so, we always have speakers who we have never even heard about before!  But Tuesday devotionals are always really great! 

I hope things are going absolutely amazing for you! I heard about the date night thing that Dad set up for you, and that sounded like a really really awesome thing to do! I love you tons!

Final touches just prior to the devotional.
Special permission to hug goodbye...for 22 months!

I think you might be getting too old for mountain biking! It seems like something always goes wrong whenever you go! Maybe it's a sign ;) Anyways, how do you fix an MCL tear? Are you going to have to have surgery too? Or will you just need to lay off all of the fun things you like to do for the next couple months? Or both? I hope that everything is going to be fine, but it sounds like we have a family of cripples right now! I got pretty sick and I had a fever and a headache last night and so we didn't go to class and I think that I slept it off because now I'm only coughing today! I really hope that it won't get as bad as it was for some of the people in my district, because they were really REALLY sick. They both had fever of 104. Soooo, I hope I'm not that sick.   I heard about all of the VISA troubles that are going on... I think that I'll really enjoy teaching in english for a change, but I'm pretty sure that I will lose all of the Portuguese that I've learned... Anyways, what happens will happen! For better or for worse, I know that I am going to go wherever I need to go. I hope you feel better soon!

Elder Colvin

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