Saturday, August 24, 2013

Missionary Moms are Marvelous

So a few weeks ago I (Brenda/the mom) was advised by Sister Colvin to look into joining a missionary moms email group for Brazil.  I reluctantly did (I am not a fan of social media)  and have been incredibly blessed as a result...I mean seriously!  These moms have reached out in support, answered important question such as how to handle visa issues, and now the latest blessing from one of the moms in the group:
 Elder Dayton and Elder Colvin in Shawnee, Kansas
Hello Brenda,

Your son is actually in our ward (in Shawnee, Kansas) and is having dinner at our house tonight!  My daughter is in the Vitoria Mission (that is why I am on the Brazil MM).  What a small world!  Attached is a picture for you. 
I am so excited to let you know your son arrived safely and will be living with one of our bishopric members.
He wanted me to tell you that he will need a gel bike seat as he will be in a biking mission for now, maybe an occasional car.
Enjoy your day!


HOW COOL IS THAT? Especially cool when your newly reassigned son has not been able to contact his family since leaving the MTC.  I now know that he arrived safely, is in Shawnee, is being well cared for, lives in a members home, and needs a gel seat for biking. Of course I don't know where to send that gel seat exactly, but I will find out. I wonder if he needs a bike to go along with the gel seat? 

And thus we see....that missionary moms are marvelous and make the world go round. 


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