Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 1/104

Elder Colvin and his first companion, Elder W
                    Hi everyone,
This is insane. I just can't believe the experience I'm having in the MTC! It is aboslutely amazing and it's incredible how much I have learned in only one week. I am building my testimony every day of the truthfulness of the church and I am proud to be a missionary! The Lord really does work miracles when we are faithful in His work, and I can see evidence of that by how well I am learning Portuguese and by how much I am able to feel His spirit every day! There aren't words to describe exactly how I'm feeling right now.... I think that the only way to descirbe it would be 'Eu estou cheio de alegria'. I'm not sure if that's right (becuase I've only known the language for a week), but this is what I am trying to say, 'I am full of joy'. I don't think that I have ever been so happy in my life. The feeling I have here is amazing and if this is how I'm going to feel for the next two years.... I don't want to come home! Haha, well I definitely want to come home, but I just don't know if I would be able to feel this way at home. We are super super busy here, as in we taught a pesquisadora, investigator, on our third day here... IN PORTUGUESE!!! That was extremely intimidating and we just had our second lesson yesterday and our nerves were completely gone for that lesson. I'm really surprised at how much I can grow in just a few short days. Well... They're actually pretty long days, but you get the point. I am really proud of my companion because he is currently struggling with the language, but he did really really well. My companion here is Elder W, and I would post a picture, buuuuuut I kind of broke my camera... In the first week.... After the first picture.... Yeah, it was a little frustrating. Haha my companion took a picture of my teacher (Irmão W, Irmão means brother) and I, and the strap hooked on one of Elder W's fingers and sooooo we dropped it. Since it was on, it landed on it's focusing mechanism and after nthat it wouldn't focus, close, or even perform basically any of it's basic functions. I hope that my parents can send me a replacement soon. Knowing my dad, he'll probably just send me a disposable camera so I can't break it. Just kidding (I hope), but I am super excited for the next 5 weeks here, and I will keep you up to date next week.

Elder Colvin
This was our last "hug" as missionaries, forbidden even between actual brothers and sisters. We are just both so happy that we get to see each other for at least part of every day while at the MTC. 

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