Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep Calm

Hi everyone!

It's once again P-day, so I can finally take a break! Haha We usually spend about 10 hours of the day in a classroom, so being able to get out and about is really nice (even if we still have to stay on campus). With only 50 minutes of gym time a day, I find myself loving every minute I can get to stretch my legs. 
I've gained about 7 lbs since I got here (I think), but I'm not sure, because every time I've weighed myself it's been with a full stomach and my dictionary and all my other missionary stuff too. I'll weigh myself in my gym clothes pretty soon, but I'm hoping that it's mostly muscle that I've been gaining since I'm working out every day. I can always hope! Buuuut, I'm probably just getting fat. Tanto faz! 

It has been a challenging week for me in some ways.  I just think that I'm glad that I'm serving this mission for the Lord and not for myself, or for anyone else.  My motivation for being here, helps me to keep going when it gets tough.  In the past three weeks, I have realized that I don't really dislike anyone in my district, but the reverse is not true.  There are missionaries in my district who do not like me and it is well... frustrating and discouraging.   I try not to react to what they say, but they really make me feel bad about myself for some reason.  I generally internalize everything.  I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.  It means that I'm not judgmental about others, but I have really low self-confidence as a result.  My personal study is really helping, because I'm starting to read all of the Church books and I'm almost done with "Our Search for Happiness".  It's a great book.  We recently watched the mormon message called 'The Will of God'. It's a really great video and inspires me to keep on keeping on, and do my best to be the best missionary I can be! 

On a more positive note, the language is coming along for me.  I am really feeling good about the progress that I have made, knowing of course that my abilities are God-given for which I am so grateful.  Teaching our investigators is actually coming along pretty nicely.  I found out that I will be serving in the Fortaleza mission and not the Fortaleza East mission, which is the new mission created July 1st.  I think that this is good news because I will be in the city more than in the mud hut towns. I will also be in the city where there is a new temple being built!

I got the camera and the shoes and I love them both!!! The shoes are great, but I'm not taking a ton of pictures because there really isn't much to see here other than the temple. However, I had my first temple walk with my camera this morning and I took a ton of pictures! So I'll be trying to send those over probably around 12 or so when I'm doing laundry.  I love P-day.

Elder Colvin

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