Monday, August 11, 2014

Hakuna matata

Elder Briggs visited Brasil!!! haha, well it's Carter now! He was my zone leader a while back.
Ever feel like a monkey on a wire?
So I forgot to write in my journal for most of this week AND I forgot to take a picture of the few entries that I had, AND I forgot to send letters.... At least my memory is really good when it comes to work, or else I would be screwed as a missionary! Now that I think about it, it's a good thing that I have a daily planner or I would forget about absolutely everything. 

Anyways, this week has been great as far as the missionary work. Elder Moleiro and I work really well together. We're slowly but surely completing this family and this kid is super funny and is learning a ton right now. He's super funny. Kind of a punk, but almost all young guys are like that. He jumps on our backs sometimes, but as we were walking back from his baptismal interview he said that he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it anymore. I really hope that this family will keep on coming to church because it's been helping the kids a lot with their behavior in their home as well. If their Grandma keeps coming, they'll keep coming.

Sadly enough, our new presidente doesn't seem like he's all that loving to his missionaries. President Souza at least corrected us with a little bit of love, but when we had our conference with our new presidente, WOW he burned just about all of the missionaries for the littlest of things. He is ex-military, so that can already give you an idea about how he's going to lead his missionaries. I'm really glad that I got the chance to start my mission with someone a "little bit" more merciful because I was able to constantly change without ever getting depressed. Now I have the capability to follow whatever order he will give us and not stress out or take it too personally. He's our leader, and I'll follow him and support him, but my mission is for the Lord.

Elder Moleiro and Elder Souza.
Disgusting cat problems in Fortaleza!

And these are only the ones that you can see.....
My 'Dad' that I got to hug for Father's Day. Haha he said that he was short and old, and that I would just have to imagine that it was my dad, but when I told him that he was the same size as Dad he thought it was hilarious.
Anyways, this Sunday was CRAZY! EVERYONE was getting after the missionaries! Haha, Elder Arruda woke up sick, and Sister Bonini didn't want to send him to the hospital (he got worse today so he already went this morning), The member who we had lunch with was starting to preach apostasy right in front of us and it seemed more like a debate rather than a lunch. One of the sisters in our Ward got PISSED OFF that we had to bring a man to lunch with us, and the owners of our house started fighting with us calling us fags, liars, bad people, and yeah. Trials of being a missionary! Haha anything can happen to me now, and I'm still able to be happy! Hakuna matata. The mission is great! I love it! I love you all! Tchau!
Our Chapel
Elder Lopes

~Elder Colvin

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