Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup and missionary work

Soooooooooooo I kind of forgot to write in my journal this week... But, there's a Brasil Mexico game in our backyard tomorrow, so I'll get caught up tomorrow, I promise. 

This week... was annoying. We had a lady that we were teaching tell us that she didn't want to receive visits anymore and that she wanted to go back to her church. It was super annoying because all she ever said was 'I want, I want, I want' and never once stopped to think what God wants. We tried talking to her, but her heart was set, and she didn't want to change her mind. She even told us, 'even if I am wrong, this is I want and if I'm wrong then I'll take the consequences'. I don't know about her, but I like to confirm things with God before making a decision like that. BUUUUT, she didn't even think twice about it. She's a less active member with a little 8 year-old girl. This girl is absolutely precious and I got really upset with her mom because she wouldn't even pray to know what she would do, and when she did pray, she prayed and went right to sleep without waiting for an answer. Anyways, the little girl said that she would go to church without her mom because she knew that it was true. They even had an argument about it in front of us. After the lesson I got super sad.                                        

We had another lady that wanted us to stop visiting her as well because she likes her church a lot. She believes that everything that we taught her is true,  but still didn't want to follow what God was telling her. Really the frustrating part isn't when people reject you, but it's when people accept you, recognize that your message is true, and then say that they won't follow through with it. That's frustrating.                                                                     

Anyways, on the bright side of things, we finally moved to our new house!!! Our old one was only 1 room with a bathroom and a tiny kitchen  Way too cramped
for 2 men with full wardrobes. The new house is a lot better, and a lot *cooler* (nothing here is cold). I got to play basketball last monday, so that was kind of fun for a change. The World Cup is happening right now and we couldn't even leave our house on Wednesday because it's 1. dangerous and 2. no one wants to hear about anything other than soccer. Thankfully, we can leave on every other day other than days that have a game for Brasil. (Hey, you should watch the World Cup and root for Brasil!). There's basically a game in our backyard tomorrow. We live super close to the stadium, and tomorrow is going to be the game between Brasil and Mexico! It's going to be crazy! 

Anyways, we're teaching this family that we're helping overcome some addictions (smoking and maybe a little bit more serious stuff) but they're super happy to have some help. Also, there's this 11 year old kid who wants to serve a mission soooooo we're helping him out ;) haha! I'm happy, and that's what matters, right? You deal with rejection, you've just got to keep going. You have a victory, rejoice a little bit! Haha take pleasure in the little things that happen in life. That's also another big lesson that I'm learning right now.

I'm super busy. Like, super super busy. But it's good.

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