Monday, May 18, 2015

So much little time!

May 11, 2015
         This p-day was probably one of my favorites.  We were lacking a couple of the documents necessary for the wedding, but the people that work in the city office that manages weddings all know the Elders and what work we are trying to do so they let it slide.  I was super stressed out because we didn’t know if it would work out or not, and then we were just so happy and relieved afterwards when it did work out.
On the way home we went to the biggest cemetery in Fortaleza. It was kind of like a walk in the park really. It was super cool and one of the only quite places in the ENTIRE city. I found it rather peaceful. I took pictures of some tombs that I thought were the coolest. There were even some that made me think of Rio! Weird, because it's actually a nice place... Until the Spirit people showed up dressed in white to perform some rituals... That was interesting.
I even laid down for a little nap ;) I'm almost dying anyways!
           Also, other good news is that I bought 2 more hammocks to bring home.  One for Mom and Dad, and one for me.  I have a smaller one at home already, but these are nicer and can fit up to three people in them.  
         Another great thing that happened today was that I got my flight itinerary emailed to me.  That makes the end seem so near to me.  I am glad that I am really busy teaching a ton of people right now to help me keep my mind off of going home.  We marked 2 weddings for June 3rd – they lined up perfectly for both of the families.  The families are super excited about the weddings and their baptisms. 
         We taught G. today and she is so ready to be baptized.  Her date is set for one week from now.  She is retaking all of the discussions, but everything is familiar and she is doing well.  She loved going to church and it was really great to see the members welcome her and her little daughter. The baby actually let the members hold her and play with her.  It was good stuff.
May 12, 2015
         Today was interesting.  M. wanted to go out on teaching visits with us but we have to have a third guy with us if a girl is teaching with us.  We planned on having the young man who is preparing to serve his mission go out with us so that she could go. Sadly, the guy flaked out and all we could do was go contacting with M.  She actually was pretty good at it and we got some good contacts in. After a while we headed to the chapel to take M. to seminary and switch out with another member who wanted to go out with us.  When we got to the chapel there was a 13 year old girl there who wants to be baptized.  We talked to her and learned that she lives in the Zone leaders area.  She wanted to be baptized and attend our ward because all of her friends are youth in our ward.  We talked to her about how we need to keep her in the area where she is living and then gave the referral to our zone leaders.   
May 13, 2015
         Sooooo today we found out that the missionaries from another zone have been teaching in our area.  We got in contact with a referral today and she said that other missionaries had passed by and taught her less than 3 hours ago.  We will have to get that all straightened out
         We taught our recent convert’s father today, but he did not seem too interested.  He supports his son and is not antagonistic, but he is Catholic and said that he didn’t want to change. 
         On the bright side, T. and E. are reading the Book of Mormon and T. is attending seminary.  She has downloaded all of the church library and is studying a lot.  She reads everything that we give her and asks great questions.  Her dad is also doing well.  He smokes a little, but he says that he is quitting. 
May 14, 2015
         I am going to call today, the “dog-day.”  There were so many dogs on the street today.  We had this one super sweet dog that followed us for about an hour.  Where ever we went, she followed us until we crossed a major highway.  The road scaredher back into her area.  All of the dogs have a sort of territory that they stick to.  even though they are all strays.  We also saw some rather large dog taking advantage of a tiny min-pin female dog.  It was creepy especially because there were a ton of other male dogs just hanging around her. I felt sorry for her.
         Focusing on the more spiritual side of things, we taught J. tonight.  His family is really spiritual.  I love to hear their beautiful prayers.  They are so grateful, sincere, and humble. Every time we finish a lesson with them, we have a kneeling prayer and that leaves us with a great spirit.
May 15, 2015
         We had an appointment scheduled that was a no-show, bu his brother-in-law was there and he invited us in, gave us food, and asked us if we could say a prayer with him.  He liked our message and he said that he wanted to visit our church.  But he is super strong in his church so we will see if his pastor will let him visit ours. 
         One of our investigators is having a hard time finding his the documents that he needs for his wedding.  That makes me super nervous, but tonight we got the address for a place that specializes in fast document recovery. 
         Tonight we went teaching with a young man from another ward.  He is preparing for his mission.  We had a great night of teaching and on the way home he said, “Man, I wish stuff was happening in my ward!”  That made me feel good about the work that is happening now.
May 16, 2015
         J. won’t be able to come to church tomorrow because he has to go to his mom’s house to get his birth certificate for his wedding.  She lives almost 3 hours away.  He and his “wife” (almost) really wanted to make it to church, but they need to get the papers for their wedding. 
May 18, 2015
I think that we got all the wedding paperwork worked out today. We're going to have a family night with the family of 4 tonight and we'll see if what we did this morning will work. 
We killed a rat. That sucker has been evading us for about a week
A super old tree here in the center of the city. It's "huge"


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